1. August 24, 2022

    OctoPi with 3.5 Inch HDMI Touch Screen

    This blog will show you how to set up OctoDash or OctoScreen on UCTRONICS 3.5" HDMI Touchscreen and run OctoPi as a touchscreen control panel for 3Dprinter!

    OctoPrint with a touchscreen interface will enhance your 3D printing process. There are a few ways to set it up, so read on to learn more!

    Chris from Chris's basement used to install OctoDash using UCTRONICS'S HDMI touchscreen, this is a very comprehensive reference video:



    ● Raspberry pi 4 Model B

    ● Micro SD card

    ● 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen (B0106)

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  2. November 08, 2021

    How to Install Home Assistant Operating System ON UCTRONICS 0.91" OLED Display

    Official Documentation

    Please refer to the official link to write the image:


    Enable i2c with an sd card reader

    • Add files to enable I2C
    1. In the root of the hassos-boot partition, add a new folder called CONFIG.
    2. In the CONFIG folder, add another new folder called modules.
    3. Inside the modules folder add a text file called rpi-i2c.conf with the following content:


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  3. May 06, 2021

    Best Raspberry Pi Cluster Use Cases (2021)

    Why You Might Need a Raspberry Pi Cluster

    “What’s the point of a Raspberry Pi cluster?”

    We’ve seen this question being asked so many times, we’ve also seen many vague answers like “because we can”, or “it’s fun”, or “it’s challenging”, or “you get to learn something”, etc.

    Here’s the right answer, you build a Raspberry Pi Cluster not just because you can, but because it’s also a low-cost, versatile learning system over all kinds of clustered-computing related technologies.

    What is an RPI Cluster

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  4. March 11, 2021

    Raspberry Pi Pico Projects You Can Build with The Official MicroPython Guide & A Starter Kit

    The Official Raspberry Pi Pico Guide

    Upon Raspberry Pi‘s release of their first-ever microcontroller board, the foundation also put together a book featuring 139 pages of comprehensive instructions and beginner level tutorials, whether you are a skilled developer, or just playing Pico for the first time, it’s an absolute must-have.

    It’s named “Get Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico”, you can get it right here.

    Best Rpi Pico Starter Kit

    To us, havin

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  5. January 26, 2021

    How to Put A Raspberry Pi Cluster into Server Racks

    Rpi Cluster at its final form

    Back in 2019, Oracle made a supercomputer with a superb Raspberry Pi 3B+ cluster featuring 1060 boards:


    raspberry pi super computer

    Source: thousand times the fun


    Rpi cluster-building has really come a long way, getting multiple Pis together not only means combined performance, it also creates a budget-friendly cluster computing environment, and people love home labs because they get to have full control.

    Oftentimes, there may not even be a cluster, you could be buying a 4B just to replace the old Pi 3, or you could merely have multiple Pis doing different works at once: Pi-hole, Kodi, etc. Either way, you get several Pis lying around. And whether you are an owner of a dedicated cluster

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  6. January 25, 2021

    Best 1U Rack Mount for RPi 4B (OLED Screen, Switch & Dual HDMI)

    Final Upgrade to the Rasberry Pi Rack Mount series

    UCTRONICS' Three types of 1U Rack mounts for Raspberry Pi

    When designing our first Rpi rack mount, all we can think about was compatibility. No matter what Pi models you have, we want to make it possible for you to install all of them with one single bracket. As for the second rack mount, we added additional Micro-to-full-size HDMI adapter boards, so you don’t have to buy extra HDMI cables and jacks.

    As for the third one, we’ve decided to make it a Pi 4B exclusive, and this time, we are bringing everything to

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  7. September 03, 2019

    We Upgrade Our Arduino Robot to New Wireless Car Kit as AI Toy for Kids for STEM Learning Projects, Inspired by Arducam IoTai

    The Arduino platform was perhaps the most popular for building a robot

    The market has seen a whole bunch of robots based on Arduino, especially Arduino car kits. Over the past few years, UCTRONICS has also released our Arduino smart robot car product line. This leads to the first question we are having here: Why do we use Arduino as the platform for a Robot?

    The answer is simple: Arduino is a popular and low-cost platform with excellent code and software support from the open-source community. The Arduino boards, such as the UNO R3, has already been used in a lot of maker projects that could be

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  8. September 02, 2019

    Low-cost IoT Platform ESP32 & ESP8266 Boards Meet Arduino Based IoT Hardware – ESP32 UNO and Arducam IoTai

    Standalone IoT modules

    When it comes to development modules for IoT (Internet of Things) applications, there is perhaps nothing more exciting than ESP8266 and its successor ESP32 by Espressif. These cheap yet powerful SoC (system-on-chip) have been used in a lot of IoT systems and also received a great amount of popularity among Electronic Engineers and enthusiasts.

    The newer revision - ESP32 - supports both WIFI & Bluetooth wireless connection for a cable-free transmission, which allows itself to be better connected to the Internet for running internet-based and internet-driven services, as well as other embedded and IoT systems that require close and better machine to machine interaction to automate the workflow.

    However, the ESP32 SoC is not easily integrated to other circuit boards and devices,

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  9. August 19, 2019

    Clear Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B from UCTRONICS: The New Pi Overheats, Get a Pi 4B Enclosure with Air Cooling!

    Pi 4b enclosure with air cooling

    The market has seen various new accessories for RPi since the release of Pi 4. What’s new on Pi 4, and what are the extra things that we should care about?

    The heat issue is a significant one among them. Admittedly, the newest Raspberry Pi is more powerful, but it also generates much more heat, so the Pi 4 temperature control is a bigger issue than ever before. To better cool you Pi 4 down, UCTRONICS recommend you get a Pi 4B enclosure with air cooling.

    Fan + heat sinks

    What are the current solutions for better cooling? Heatsinks and fans. The heatsinks give your Pi extra areas for the heat dissipation, and the fans bring more air in and out to take away the heat faster once it’s generated. Heatsinks stay on the board easily because they are

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  10. August 10, 2019

    5” and 7” Portable Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3: UCTRONICS HDMI LCD Display with Capacitive 5-Finger Touch

    What do you need to get started with a Raspberry Pi? Well, you might claim that you’ll only need a power adapter and a micro SD card to unleash the potential of the Pi. However, if you are among the majority of the users who use this as a compact computer, you will always need a screen to monitor what your Pi is doing and interact with it instead of using SSH. So what kind of screens will match the credit-card-size Raspberry Pi? The answer from UCTRONICS is simple: you need a portable screen for a portable computer!

    Touch Display for Pi: Let's begin with UCTRONICS 3.5" screens



    UCTRONICS released pocket size 3.5" s

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