UCTRONICS is an online store based in Nanjing, China that sells, designs and manufactures electronics for your projects. Starting from Arduino and Raspberry Pi related products, UCTRONICS now covers a wider catalog including STEM education products, camera module and lens solutions, electronic parts and accessories, LCD displays and counting. We have delivered products to more than 60 countries around the world.

Our Values


UCTRONICS is founded by a group of electronics enthusiasts. We love making stuff, but at the same time, we feel the pain of searching electronic components all over the world with a limited budget. After all these years in this industry, we have established good relationships with factories and exporters here in China, where most products you will need are manufactured.


Now, we want you to benefit from this relationship just like us, and we want you to easily make your own stuff without unnecessary trouble in searching and importing goods from everywhere in the world, and we want you to get things done here in UCTRONICS.


We also offer customized design and manufacture turnkey solution service as well, which gives you even greater flexibility and savings while we handle the sourcing of components, localization of purchases, material handling and planning for you.

Our Culture

UCTRONICS got its name from μCtronics, which means Micro Control Electronics. We are dedicated to electronics design, retail and manufacture in China, especially for Arduino and Raspberry Pi related products. We also offer customized turnkey design and manufacturing solution services for customers who want their products to be unique.