Pi 4b enclosure with air cooling

The market has seen various new accessories for RPi since the release of Pi 4. What’s new on Pi 4, and what are the extra things that we should care about?

The heat issue is a significant one among them. Admittedly, the newest Raspberry Pi is more powerful, but it also generates much more heat, so the Pi 4 temperature control is a bigger issue than ever before. To better cool you Pi 4 down, UCTRONICS recommend you get a Pi 4B enclosure with air cooling.

Fan + heat sinks

What are the current solutions for better cooling? Heatsinks and fans. The heatsinks give your Pi extra areas for the heat dissipation, and the fans bring more air in and out to take away the heat faster once it’s generated. Heatsinks stay on the board easily because they are usually stuck to the components, like CPU, with the help of double-sided tape. The fans, on the other hand, are a little more complicated because you need a place to mount them on and two GPIO pins are required. What’s a nice place to hold the fans then? The top side of a Raspberry Pi case, or on a HAT such as the UCTRONICS PoE HAT.

The best case for RPi 4 from UCTRONICS

UCTRONICS are committed to providing products and services to the maker community. Considering the sheer size of the Raspberry Pi users, most of our products are made for the Raspberry Pi, including the cases. As the new Pi is out, we want to make the best case for Raspberry Pi 4B, so here I am glad to introduce you to our newest transparent case for the Pi 4.

This easy-to-assemble kit only consists of 6 pieces of acrylic, and few screws and nuts are needed for the assembly. The lid is openable with mounting holes for the fan and camera module, and we’ve included a fan with good quality in this kit, so you don’t need to purchase it elsewhere.

As it’s one of our values to provide products within a reasonable price, this affordable UCTRONICS kit will start at $9.99, and we want more users to use and enjoy this case kit, and we will learn from them for better ideas to improve our products for the better.

Perhaps the only pi 4 case with a camera cutout on the lid form the third party

There are usually three lids for the official Raspberry Pi cases, respectively plain lid, GPIO lid, and the camera lid. However, we do not see much cases with a camera lid from third party manufacturers, especially for the newest Pi 4. We decide to take this opportunity and leave a mounting hole for the camera module on our case kit. The camera cutout is compatible with the Raspberry Pi camera module V2 and many other third-party Pi cameras like the B0033 from our top-level partner Arducam. It's now easier to install the camera module inside the case: just insert the ribbon cable into the camera slot and mount the camera board on the lid. You will no longer have to hold the camera module with your hand or a piece of tape. As the lid is openable and works like a hinge, you can also adjust the angle of the camera’s perspective.

A smooth transition to the Pi 4 from previous models

Although the main part of this kit is the clear case, we’d also like to make it more multifunction so our users can have a more all-on-one experience when they purchase our kit. This kit also includes a micro USB to Type-C and a micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter, which makes it convenient for you to move to the Pi 4 from previous models. Therefore, if you come from another older Pi and want use your previous HDMI cables and power adapters on the new Pi, this kit will give you great help and you will not have to buy new accessories or get the adapters individually.

We see this case as an opportunity to get in touch with more users in the Raspberry Pi community, and you are welcome to let us know your suggestions and ideas. You can get this kit here: