UCTRONICS Ultimate Rack with PoE Functionality for Raspberry Pi 4, 19" 1U Rackmount with PoE HAT, All IO on One Side, OLED Display, Power Switch, and Cooling Fan


1U rack for RPI  U6145


UCTRONICS Pirack (U6145) is based on our latest Pi 4B rack-mount (U6143), we turned the adapter board that reroutes all those ports into a full-functioning Power Over Ethernet HAT, and it’s compatible with any PoE switches you got.


  • You can also program the 0.91-inch OLED to show something else, please add the following boot-up script to read the stats (CPU/Memory load, IP address, temperature, etc. ):
  • OLED Demo: github.com/UCTRONICS/U6143_ssd1306?Amazon

Note: The rackmount does not support QC protocol.


Open the rc.local file

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Add command to the rc.local file

cd /home/pi/U6143_ssd1306/C

sudo make clean

sudo make

sudo ./display &

Reboot your system.


Component introduction


Raspberry Pi Cluster Ideas

  • Learn and experiment on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Serverless, Microservices, and Orchestration on bare metal.
  • Build a testing environment for your cloud-native apps.
  • Build a home server for web applications and databases.
  • Build your own NAS or media center.
  • Create a home automation system.
  • Learn distributed computing and deployment from the ground up.
  • Build private servers for numerous games.


Accessories SPECS

  • Nuts: M2.5,
  • Plastic standoffs: M2.5*18+6
  • Chrome screws: M2.5*5
  • Black screws: M2.5*8


Datasheet & files

User Manual of Pi 4B PoE Rack Mount

UCTRONICS Rackmount Catalog


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