UCTRONICS 1U Rack with PoE Functionality for Raspberry Pi 4, 19" 1U Rackmount Supports 1-6 Units with PoE HAT, Power Switch and SD Card Adapter


Production description:

A standard 1U rackmount with the re-locate board and POE functionality, compatible with any 19-inch server racks and houses up to six Raspberry Pi 4B.

It also comes with SD card adapter and snap-in switch, which make you easier to access SD card and control the power supply.


Note: The rackmount does not support QC protocol.


  • You will be getting: 1 pcs 1U rackmount, 6 pcs SD card adapters, 6 pcs rerouting boards with PoE function, 6 pcs heat sinks, 6 pcs power switches, and 1 pack of screws.
  • Design for Raspberry Pi 4: This 19-inch rackmount is specifically designed to house Raspberry Pi 4 B, supports up to 1-6 units; it fully compatible with 19” server racks, had no issue plugging into the 1U rack space.
  • Re-locate: Relocate all of the I/O ports to the front, the rack comes with the push-button switch and SD card adapter, which allows you easily access the SD card, and shut down the power without unplugging the cable.
  • Power Over Ethernet HAT for RPi 4: Add PoE functionality to the rerouting board, which compatible with any PoE switches. It also assembles with a cooling fan, providing powerful heat dissipation to keep the Rpi from overheating.
  • Easy to Install: 6 slots on the rack for raspberry pi 4B boards, fixed with included screw; 2 slots on each unit for inserting SD card (Not included) and power switch, the rack can be vertically fixed on the mounting rail (The rack mount screw is not included).

Packing List:

1 pcs Rackmount
6 pcs SD Card Adapter
6 pcs PoE HAT
6 pcs Heat Sink for PoE HAT
6 pcs Power Switch with wire
1 pack of Accessories



UCTRONICS Rackmount Catalog



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