UCTRONICS 19” 1U Rack Mount for Raspberry Pi with SSD Mounting Brackets, Front Removable Bracket Supports Up to 4×Raspberry Pi 5/3B/3B+, 4B and SSDs, Option SD Card Adapter


U6261 1U rack mount with SSD

UCTRONICS U6261 Upgraded Raspberry Pi 1U Rack Mount with SSD mounting brackets.

UCTRONICS Upgraded Raspberry Pi 1U Rack Mount is designed to house 4 RPis and 4 2.5” SSDs (7mm thickness). Mounted in the 19" standard rack, which provides a hardware solution to optimize the workspace, which can be used for Raspberry Pi cluster, home media center, home automation system, and so on.



  • With 8 thumbscrews. each RPi can be removed from the front without taking everything apart for maintenance.
  • House up to 4 SSDs, expand bigger Network-attached storage for your Raspberry Pi Cluster.
  • Every piece is made of a nice and sturdy gauge of 1.2mm carbon steel, matte black powder coat finish, have nothing breaking off, paint chips, and sharp exposed edges (plate corners are rounded off smooth).




  • Design for Raspberry Pi: Supports installation of 4 Raspberry Pis and 4 ssds, compatible with any 2.5” Solid State Drive (7mm/9mm) and Rpi 4B/3B+, and other B/B+ models.
  • The SSD mounting bracket also has two holes reserved for the SD card extension adapter, which allows you to access the SD card from the front of the rack.
  • Easy to Setup: Just use two included thumbscrews to mount the rackmount, which adopts a screw-in design, which helps you install and replace quickly and easily, no tools are needed!
  • Applications: This is a hardware solution to get ingenious use of the Raspberry Pi, with this kit and open source software OpenMediaVault, you can use the Pi as a NAS Server, Surveillance station, or even a Web server.
  • Optional accessories: Micro SD card extension adapter. The Raspberry Pi bracket has an opening cut specifically for SD card, allowing you to access the SD card from the front without having to remove the mounting plate and Raspberry Pi. 
  • Compatible with PoE HAT: Compatible with mini POE HAT on it, search U6241 to get a mini PoE board or search U6110 to get the fan version.


Raspberry Pi Cluster Ideas


  • Learn and experiment on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Serverless, Microservices, and Orchestration on bare metal.
  • Build a testing environment for your cloud-native apps.
  • Build a home server for web applications and databases.
  • Build your own NAS or media center.
  • Create a home automation system.
  • Learn distributed computing and deployment from the ground up.
  • Build private servers for numerous games.



  • Material: Full metal, aluminum alloy
  • Compatibility: Supports RPi 4, 3B+/3B and other B models
  • Size: 19"*1.75"


Package content:

  • 1 x 1U rackmount
  • 4 x Raspberry Pi mounting bracket
  • 16 x M2.5*5 countersunk screw
  • 16 x M3*5 flat head screws
  • 4 x M6*16 screws



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