Arducam Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module V3-12MP IMX708 Autofocus Camera with Acrylic Case

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  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3: Raspberry Pi official third-generation camera module.
  • High Resolution: Based on 12MP IMX708 Image Sensor, max resolution is 4608x2592. HDR mode for up to 3MP.
  • PDAF&CDAF: Mixture of Phase Detection Autofocus and Contrast Detection Autofocus.
  • Lens Paraments: 66°(HFOV) Autofocus Lens, integral IR-cut filter. For the Wide-Angle version, please click: B0307
  • Acrylic Case: Arducam camera enclosure case designed for v1/v2/V3 boards. Click Here for the single case.


Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 is the latest camera model released by Raspberry Pi Official in 2023. The camera adopts Sony 11.9MP IMX708 Image Sensor which can be used to take full HD video as well as stills photographs, and features an HDR mode up to 3 megapixels.
The camera integrates IR-cut filter and adopts Phase Detection Autofocus. It is fully supported by the libcamera and Picamera2 library. Camera Module 3 is compatible with all Raspberry Pi computers.
Arducam is committed to creating diverse and convenient camera solutions. We designed various accessories for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3. Among them, the Arducam camera enclosure case is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi V1/V2/V3 and Arducam 16MP/64MP cameras.


  • Wildlife Photograph
  • Learning Camera
  • High-Quality Monitor
  • AI applications
  • Vision Transition Project


  • Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module 3: Raspberry Pi Camera Third Generation: Back-illuminated and stacked CMOS 12MP high resolution Image Sensor (Sony IMX708) with HDR mode for up to 3-megapixel output
  • High-quality Images: Max Resolution: 4608 × 2592. Along with built-in 2D DPC and QBC Re-mosaic function, offering High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • PDAF&CDAF System: Mixture of Phase Detection Autofocus and Contrast Detection Autofocus . By reserving PDAF and CDAF pixels on the photosensitive element, then the offset value of the focus is calculated from the phase difference and check the highest contrast to achieve accurate focusing
  • MIPI CSI-2 Communication: MIPI CSI-2 2-wire serial communication (supports I2C fast mode and fast mode plus) and 2-wire serial control of focus mechanism
  • Acrylic Case: Arducam camera enclosure case designed for 25*24mm, v1/v2, and the official camera module V3 boards (Standard, Wide, NoIR and NoIR Wide).


Image Sensor IMX708
Resolution 11.9MP
Optical Size 1/2.43(7.4mm sensor diagonal)
Number of effective pixels 4608(H) × 2592(V)
Pixel Size 1.4μm × 1.4μm
Interface MIPI CSI-2 Interface
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Color Filter Color
Common Video Mode 1080p50, 720p100, 480p120
Output Format RAW10
F.NO F1.8
Focus Type PDAF and CDAF
Focal Length 4.74mm
Focus Distance 10cm –∞
Field of View(FOV) 75°(D)x66°(H)x41°(V)
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Camera Board Size 25 × 24 × 11.5mm

Package Including

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Official camera module v3 with a 150mm 15pin FFC cable
  • 1 x 150mm 15pin-22pin FPC Cable
  • 1 x ABS Camera Case


  • The package contains small contents, please keep it away from children to avoid accidental ingestion
  • After receiving the package, please confirm whether the contents of the package are consistent with the description
  • No Raspberry Pi board is included in the package



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