[Presales] Arducam 20MP AR2020 Monochrome Manual Focus USB 3.0 Camera

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  • Plug and play, no driver needed.
  • High-Res Imaging: AR2020 sensor, 20MP, exceptional clarity.
  • Versatile Frame Rate: Flexible rates up to 5120x3840@8fps, 1280x960@90fps
  • Low-Light Performance and Enhanced NIR Response.
  • Proprietary on-board ISP advances image enhancement.


Introducing the latest addition to Arducam's lineup: the AR2020 USB 3.0 camera. Boasting a 20MP 1/1.8" B/W CMOS sensor, this camera delivers stunning still images with a maximum resolution of 5120(H)*3840(V). Its exceptional low-light capabilities and near-infrared sensitivity make it perfect for a variety of night vision applications, including security surveillance, wildlife monitoring, iris recognition, and more.

Equipped with a high-quality 95-degree diagonal starlight M12 lens, this camera ensures crystal-clear imaging across diverse environments. Plus, it incorporates Arducam's advanced ISP technology, including de-bayer, gamma correction, black level compensation, auto exposure, color correction matrix, and RGB to YUV conversion. With a flexible and adjustable frame rate of up to 1280*960@90fps, it offers versatility to suit any project's needs.

Arducam's latest USB 3.0 camera excels in user-friendly plug-and-play functionality. Compatible with Windows and Linux, no additional drivers are needed, simplifying setup. Its backward compatibility with USB 2.0 host ports ensures seamless connectivity and flexibility for an enhanced user experience.


  • Machine Vision
  • Security Surveillance
  • 3D Scanning and Metrology
  • Iris Recognition
  • Video Conferencing


  • High-Resolution Imaging: Utilizes a 1/1.8" AR2020 sensor, delivering stunning 20MP resolution, ensuring exceptional clarity in every capture.
  • Versatile Frame Rate: Offers flexible frame rates, supporting resolutions up to 5120 x 3840 @8fps for detailed imagery and 1280 x 960 @90fps for smooth motion capture, accommodating various application needs.
  • Proprietary on-board ISP advances image enhancement: de-Bayer, gamma, BLC, AE, CCM, RGB2YUV.
  • Exceptional Low-Light and NIR Performance: Features improved Near-Infrared (NIR) response at both 850nm and 940nm wavelengths, enabling enhanced night vision capabilities and increased sensitivity to infrared illumination.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: Equipped with a 95°(D) M12 Starlight Lens, capturing a broad field of view, perfect for surveillance, monitoring, and other wide-area applications.


Image Sensor
Sensor AR2020
Still Resolution 20 Megapixels
Color Filter Type Mono
Shutter Type Rolling
Optical Size 1/1.8"
Output Format YUY2
Pixel Size 1.4× 1.4 μm
Sensor Active Area 5120(H) × 3840(V)
Frame Rate (USB 3.0) 5120x3840@8fps, 3840x2160@20fps, 2560x1920@30fps, 1920x1080@60fps, 1280x960@90fps
Frame Rate (USB 2.0) 1280x960@10fps
Focus Type Manual Focus
FOV 95°(D) × 82°(H) × 66°(V)
Lens Mount M12 (S-mount)
F.NO F1.65±10%
E.F.L 4.9±5%
IR Sensitivity No IR-cut filter, sensitive to IR
Default Focus Range 3m-∞
USB Interface
Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1 device, backward compatible with USB 2.0 hosts
Connector Type-C reversible interface connector
UVC Compliant No additional drivers required
Electrical and Mechanical
Operating Voltage 5 V +/- 5%
Operating Temp. 32°F-158°F (0°C to 70°C)
Power Requirements Max: 1.57W  , Min: 0.8W
Camera Board Size 34×34 mm
Functionality and Compatibility
Supported OS Windows, Linux
Recommend Sample Application PotPlayer for Windows, qv4l2 for Linux
UVC Controls Brightness, Contrast, Gain, Exposure (Manual/Auto)

Package Including

  • 1 x AR2020 Mono USB3 Camera with Back Cover and Tripod Mount
  • 1 x 1m USB A to Type-C Cable


  • Tripod is not included in the package, please check UB0224 and UB0216 for additional purchase.


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