Arducam 108MP Motorized Focus USB 3.0 Camera Module

As low as $299.99


  • Plug and play
  • Based on 108MP Ultra-high Res CMOS
  • Maximum still resolution of 12000×9000 pixels
  • Proprietary on-board ISP advances image enhancement
  • Programmable frame rates, reach up to 60fps@720p
  • Available in back cover version (B0494) and enclosure version (B0494C)


Arducam's USB 3.0 camera series presents the 108MP Ultra-high Res Motorized Focus model. Featuring a 1/1.52" CMOS, it attains a maximum still resolution of 12000x9000. The camera now supports YUYV format output for uncompressed, high-quality pictures. Additionally, its ultra-fast 720P 60 fps capability delivers silky smooth HD videos.

Equipped with a top-notch motorized focus lens providing an 85°(D) field of view, this camera ensures the capture of exceptionally accurate and stunning images.

Arducam latest USB 3.0 camera stands out with its user-friendly plug-and-play functionality. Offering compatibility with Windows and Linux OSs, no additional drivers are needed, simplifying the setup process. Moreover, its backward compatibility with USB 2.0 host ports ensures flexibility and seamless connectivity.


  • Machine Vision
  • Video Surveillance
  • 3D Scanning and Metrology
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Conferencing


  • Exceptional Imaging: Based on 108MP ultra-high resolution COMS, Capture stunning still images at 12000×9000 resolution for unparalleled clarity and visual brilliance.
  • Flexible Frame Rates: Program your desired frame rates, achieving smooth 60fps even at 720p resolution for adaptable and dynamic recording.
  • Advanced Image Enhancement: Onboard ISP technology ensures top-tier image quality through de-Bayer, gamma, BLC, AE, AWB, CCM, and RGB2YUV processes.
  • Precision and View: Motorized focus, software-adjustable, provides accuracy, while an 85-degree diagonal field of view ensures comprehensive monitoring with optimal clarity.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: Effortlessly compatible with Windows and Linux, offers seamless plug-and-play functionality, eliminating the need for additional drivers.


Image Sensor
Still Resolution 108 Megapixels
Color Filter Type Color
Shutter Type Rolling
Optical Size 1/1.52"
Output Format YUY2
Pixel Size 0.7 µm x 0.7 µm
Sensor Active Area 12000(H)×9000(V)
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Frame Rate (USB 3.0)* 1280x720@60fps, 3840x2160@10fps,4000x3000@7fps, 12000x9000@1fps
Frame Rate (USB 2.0) 1280x720@10pfs
Focus Type Motorized Focus
FOV 85°(D)×70°(H)×57°(V)
Lens Mount Stock Lens
F.NO F1.89
E.F.L 5.89mm
Default Focus Range 8cm-∞
USB Interface
Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1 device, backward compatible with USB 2.0 hosts
Connector Type-C reversible interface connector
UVC Compliant No additional drivers required
Electrical and Mechanical
Operating Voltage 5 V +/- 5%
Operating Temp. 32°F-158°F (0°C to 70°C)
Power Requirements Max: 1.9W, Min: 1.25W
Camera Board Size 34×34 mm
Functionality and Compatibility
Supported OS Windows, Linux
Recommend Sample Application PotPlayer for Windows, qv4l2 for Linux
UVC Controls Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, White Balance (Auto/Manual), Gain, Exposure (Manual/Auto), Focus(Manual)

*Please note that the maximum resolution (12000x9000) requires the use of specific software, please click the "Quick Start Guide" below for details.

Package Including

  • 1 x Arducam 108MP USB3 Camera with Back Cover and Tripod Adapter
  • 1 x 1m USB A to Type-C Cable


  • Tripod is not included in the package, please check UB0224 and UB0216 for additional purchase.


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