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Why Making this robot

UCTRONICS is a professional manufacturers in smart robots and STEM products. We have build several smart robot before and have received a lot of feedback. The newest UCBOT is the latest upgrade to take advantages of our past experiences.

You can read more about the birth to the UCBOT here in our blog:

Blog: We upgrade our Arduino robot to new wireless car kit as AI toy for kids for STEM learning projects, inspired by Arducam IoTai

What do you need to get it to work

Apart from what is inside the package, you will still need some extra things that are necessary in moving this robot:

1. 4 AAA batteries. The robot uses AAA batteries for the power feed, and that is not included in the package.

2. A smartphone to control and talk to the robot. You need the APP to unlock the full potential of the robot, and you search UCBOT on Google Play or download from the link which you can find in the following chapters

3. (Optional)A CR2035 3.3V lithium coin battery. The remote control needs the coin battery to work.

User Manual

A paper version of the user manual is in the package, and you can find a PDF version from the link below:

User manual for android: https://www.uctronics.com/download/Amazon/K0075.pdf

User manual for ios: https://www.uctronics.com/download/Amazon/UCBOT_iOS_Manual.pdf

I2C Datasheet


Mobile APP

Currently we have an Android app available on Google Play. The IOS app is pending development. You can get to the Android app with the link below.


Working Video

To help you better understand what you can do with the UCBOT, please check our video here:

Waiting for the video

Source Code Library

UCBOT is based on ESP32-S AI-Thinker and developed on ESP-IDF. You can customize software development in Arduino IDE. The link to the test code is:


Scratch Programming

Scratch is perhaps the most popular visual programming language around the world, which enables you to drag and drop to arrange the blocks. The UCBOT support visual programming, and we have made a Scratch-based software. Currently the program is available for the windows platform, and you can download the program from our GitHub page.



Q1: I can't see any WIFI listed on the APP and I cannot connect to the robot.

A1: For some models of smartphones, you might have to turn on the location services first before the APP can fetch the WIFI list around you. If you do not see any WIFI listed while connecting to the robot, please:

1. Turn on your location services (usually, you need to swipe down from the top to quickly access the switch. It's also shown as "GPS" button on certain phones)

2. Hit the refresh button in the upper right to let the app search the WIFI again.

3. Wait a few seconds until you see the robot's hotspot, and then connect to it.

Q2: I am not able to control the robot with remote control.

A2: The remote control needs a battery to work. We do not include any battery in the package due to safety concerns. If you plan to control the robot with the remote control included, you have to purchase a CR2035 3.3V coin lithium battery.

Q3: I cannot switch between different running modes with the remote controller

A3: To switch between different modes with the remote controller, you have to hit the last button again to halt the movements. Once you hit the button again, you can activate a new mode with another button.

Q4: The red light keeps flashing when I assemble the UCBOT and turn the power.

A3: Many factors can cause the red light to blink, such as insufficient power supply, camera not being properly connected, etc.

Some steps can be taken to fix the problem.

1. Power supply via Micro USB to make sure the power is full.

2. Reconnect the camera on the UCBOT to check if there is any improvement.


Currently, there are 2 ways to purchase this UCBOT.

Direct Purchase from uctronics.com

You can directly purchase this smart robot from UCTRONICS. Purchase UCBOT on uctronics.

We also support bulk order discounts and customization. You are welcome to contact our sales representative for more information.

Purchase from Amazon.com

Our Partner Arducam sells our product on amazon.com. You can also purchase UCBOT from Amazon.

Contact Us

If you have any questions before or after using this item, you are welcome to Contact UCTRONICS. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Share Your User Experience

Once you've purchased and used our UCBOT, you are welcome to share your experiences so that we and other customers and learn from your great ideas. Say something about UCBOT on Amazon.