UCTRONICS Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino with Instruction Booklet, MEGA 2560 R3, ESP8266 Module, 1602 LCD, NE555 Timer, RTC Module, DHT11 Temp & Humi Sensor, Water Lever Sensor, Sound Sensor Module


Item Description:


  • The ultimate starter kit is especially designed for Arduino MEGA2560. With this kit, you can learn how to program with Arduino IDE to develop many interesting projects. You don’t need to solder the pins by yourself, just connect the circuit by dupont cables to breadboard
  • The kit includes 59 kinds of the electronical components, 153pcs totally, support basic and advanced projects, you can also build some smart home systems with this kit
  • With tutorial paper book in the package. The tutorial book of 33 lessons includes introduction of components, code library, schematic, dedicate wiring diagram, detailed steps of operation and experimental result. This paper book makes your wiring much easy
  • Each component is packed in a little plastic bag, with label on it. There’s a complete component listing in the box. It is quickly and easily for you to find the correct components
  • Don’t worry for the technique problem you meet when learning. UCTRONICS team will provide you professional technique support

Package Including:

1pcs Mega2560 R3 
1pcs MEGA 2560 R3 Proto Shield V3 
1pcs 830 Tie Point Breadboard 
1pcs 65 Male to Male Jumper Wire 
20pcs 15cm Male to Female DuPont Wire 
1pcs USB Cable 
1pcs 9V Battery Clip 
1pcs 9V 1A Power Supply 
20pcs 220 Ω resistor 
10pcs 1KΩ resistor 
10pcs 10KΩ resistor 
2pcs SS12D00G3 Switch 
1pcs Power Supply Module for Breadboard 
4pcs 5mm Green LED 
4pcs 5mm Yellow LED 
4pcs 5mm Blue LED 
8pcs 5mm Red LED 
2pcs 74HC595 IC 
8pcs 6x6x5mm Button 
1pcs 5mm RGB LED 
1pcs 5V Active Buzzer 
1pcs 16R Passive Buzzer 
2pcs S8050 NPN Transistor 
2pcs S8550 PNP Transistor 
2pcs SW520D Tilt Switch 
1pcs 7-segment Display 
2pcs GL5528 Photo resistor 
1pcs 5V Relay Module 
4pcs 1N4007 Diode 
4pcs 1N4148 Diode 
1pcs 4-bit 7 Segment LED 
1pcs SG90 9g servo 
1pcs DC Motor 
1pcs L9110 DC Motor Driver IC 
1pcs Fan 
1pcs Stepper Motor 
1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver 
1pcs PIR Motion Sensor 
1pcs 1602 LCD 
2pcs 10K potentiometer 
1pcs 502 5K Thermistor 
1pcs DHT11 Temp & Humi Sensor 
1pcs Joystick Module 
1pcs HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor 
1pcs HX1838 IR Receiver 
1pcs 21 keys Remote Controller 
1pcs 10 segment LED 
1pcs 4x4 Matrix Keyboard 
1pcs RTC Module 
1pcs Water Lever Sensor 
1pcs Sound Sensor Module 
1pcs MAX7219 8x8 LED Module 
1pcs NE555 Timer 
10pcs Ceramic Capacitor(104 100nf) 
2pcs 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor 
1pcs MPU-6050 Module 
1pcs Rotary Encoder Module 
1pcs ESP8266 Module

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