[Discontinued] UCTRONICS 2 DoF Pan Tilt Digital Servo Kit, Full Metal Bracket with 2 Digital Servos, RPi 4 Armor Case and Dual Cooling Fan for Building Robotic Arms, PTZ Cameras, Raspberry Pi HQ Camera and More


Product Description

UCTRONICS pan-tilt kit is the perfect way to give your PTZ camera project full range motion with two digital servos. It can rotate and tilt the camera freely for 180-degree in both horizontal and vertical.

UCTRONICS 2 DoF Pan Tilt Digital Servo Kit

  • The short U-type bracket provides 36-40mm space for you to mount a camera board, and reserves 4 holes for mounting other U-type brackets of the robot arm, or whatever projects you like.
  • It also comes with a Raspberry Pi 4B Aluminum heatsink with a dual cooling fan, perfectly supplying efficient cooling for your Raspberry Pi.
  • With many predrilled holes on the set bracket, the PTZ kit can be stably fixed on the panel, table, and wall to prevent the device from falling due to movement.
  • Assemble camera to this PTZ kit, you will be able to create home security systems, webcam interfaces for streaming, or monitoring 3D printing for any number of projects and adventures.

High torque


This pan-tilt kit is an easy way to give whatever you're making both left-right and up-down motion on your PTZ camera project.

  • Material: Full metal
  • Shipping Weight: 704g (1.64lb)
  • Overall Size: 10.8cm*8.8cm*7.3cm(L*W*H)

Two digital servos

Digital servos

DS-3115MG Digital servos produce higher speeds and acceleration than analog servos and have higher torque and consequently better-holding capability.

  • Weight: 60g (2.12oz)
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8 ~ 7.2 DC Volts
  • Operating Current: >600mA
  • Stall Torque: 15 kg/cm (4.8-7.2V)
  • Speed: 15KG 0.15sec/60° 4.8-7.2V
  • Size: 40 x 20 x 40.5 mm ( 1.58 x 0.79 x 1.60 inch)

Packing List

  • 1 pcs Set bracket
  • 1 pcs Short U-type servo bracket
  • 1 pcs Raspberry pi mounting plate
  • 1 pcs multi-function servo bracket
  • 1 pcs Raspberry Pi 4 Armor Case with accessories
  • 2 pcs 15KG Metal Single-axis Digital Servos
  • 2 pcs Metal Servo horn
  • 1 pack of Screws



High performance

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