UCTRONICS Digital Servo with Brackets, 15KG High Torque Biaxial Servo for DIY Robotic Arms, Smart Car Robots, PTZ Cameras *(Discontinued)

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Item Description

UCTRONICS digital servo with two brackets has high performance when used in Arduino robotic arms, vehicles, PTZ cameras, remote control cars, and other hand and machine projects. Controllable angle range from 0 to 270 degrees, controlled by PWM


  • Digital Servo: RDS3115 digital servos specially designed for robots. Faster speeds, higher torque and better holding capability than analog servos.
  • Biaxial Servo: Easier assembly than the RDS3115 uniaxial servo kit, dual ball bearings work better than plastic bearing and metal bearing, highly recommend if your application demands heavy side loads.
  • High Torque Servo: Full metal gear and bracket help this provides a torque up to 15 kg/[email protected](5-6.5V) for its size, and gives it a longer life than could be achieved with plastic construction.
  • Extensible Servo: Controllable angle range from 0 to 270 degrees, move wider than the standard 180 degrees; the U-shaped brackets have many different predrilled hole patterns made for lining up with the various bases and mounts.
  • Used widely Servo: Attaching other servos or joints/extensions, you can DIY your robotic arms, smart robot cars, and PTZ cameras for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro:bit, and other machine projects.



Control Specification

- Control System: PWM

- Pulse width Range: 500~2500µsec

- Neutral Position: 1500µsec

- Running Degree: 270°

- Dead Band Width: 3 µsec

- Operating Frequency: 50~330Hz

Mechanical Specification

- Size: 40*20*40mm

- Weight: 60g

- Gear Ratio: 275

- Connector Wire: 300±5mm

- Waterproof Performance: NO

Apply Environmental Condition

- Storage Temperature: -22°F~176°F(-30℃~80℃)

- Operating Temperature: 5°F~158°F(-15℃~70℃)

- Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6.8V



Please make sure the power supply voltage is in the range of DC 4.8V to 6.8V, otherwise there is a possibility of burning or not working properly.

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