UCTRONICS Pi 5 Rack Pro, 1U Rack Mount with 4 × M.2 NVMe SSD Base, PCIe to NVMe, Safe Shutdown, 0.96" Color LCD Raspberry Pi 5 NVMe Rack



  • Designed exclusively for Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring seamless compatibility.
  • NVMe Drive Support: Accommodates NVMe (M-key) drives in 2230, 2242, and 2280 M.2 formats.
  • PCIe x1 Interface: Compatible with PCIe x1 Gen2/Gen3 standards for high-speed data transfer.
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi or hat, conserving GPIO interface for other uses.
  • Safety shutdown and Convenient LCD Display.


Elevate your Raspberry Pi 5 experience to new heights with our Raspberry Pi NVMe Rack solution. Designed for seamless integration with the Raspberry Pi 5's PCIe performance, this upgraded rack empowers your projects with lightning-fast data read/write speeds.

Key Features:
- Tailor-made for Raspberry Pi 5, a complete Raspberry Pi NVMe Rackmount.
- Pre-installed LCD and Power Button: The on/Off button and LCD are pre-installed on the bracket before shipment. Easily configured for one-touch safe shutdown and startup.
- 0.96 color LCD screen display: Graphical display of RAM/Disk/Temp/CPU usage, IP address always on, and custom display content supports.
- 19" 1U, fits up to 4 Raspberry Pi 5 and 4 M.2 NVMe SSDs.
- Extended NVMe drive compatibility: Supports NVMe (M-key) drives in M.2 sizes 2230, 2242 and 2280.
- PCIe x1 interface support: Compatible with Gen2 and Gen3 standard PCIe x1 interface.
- LED Indicators: M.2 disk activity ("ACT").
- Compact design (100x60mm), NVMe base mounts underneath the Raspberry Pi and does not need to occupy the GPIO.
- Compliant with M.2 SSD 3.3V/3A power supply standard.
- Versatile power supply options: Power can be supplied directly from the TYPE-C of the Raspberry Pi and NVMe base.

Experience unparalleled speed, versatility, and convenience with the UCTRONICS Raspberry Pi Rack Pro Plus. Upgrade your Raspberry Pi projects today.


  • Raspberry Pi Nas
  • Pi-Hole
  • Home Assistant Server
  • Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster
  • Homelab


  • Crafted for Raspberry Pi 5: Seamlessly integrating with Pi 5 and PCIe-NVMe M.2 SSDs, it enables swift PCIe to NVMe data transfers. Complete Raspberry Pi NVMe Rack solution makes setting up your Pi as a NAS easy.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Supports a range of M.2 NVMe SSD sizes (2230/2242/2280) and adheres to the PCle NVMe protocol with Gen2/Gen3 modes, ensuring swift read/write speeds for diverse applications.
  • Space-saving & GPIO Accessibility: The NVME HAT effortlessly fits beneath the Raspberry Pi, preserving GPIO pins for convenient heat sink and POE cap attachment. Up to 4 units can be seamlessly integrated into a rack enclosure for optimal space utilization.
  • Safety Shutdown: Festures soft shutdown via 4 power buttons, preventing damage to the Raspberry Pi from hard shutdowns, ensuring system longevity.
  • Convenient LCD Display: Provides real-time operational status, including RAM, disk, and temperature usage, along with a constantly visible IP address, enhancing monitoring and customization options.

Package Including

  • 1 x Top Cover
  • 1 x Base Panel
  • 2 x Side Bracket
  • 4 x M.2 NVMe Shield (UC-B86 Rev.C)
  • 4 x Pi Bracket with Pre-installed Display and Power Button
  • 4 x PCIe-NVMe FFC Cable
  • 1 x Screw Pack


  • The Raspberry Pi 5, M.2 NVMe SSD, and cooling fan are not included in the package.
  • Please follow the tutorial to burn image in you NVMe HAT and enable NVMe to ensure your Raspberry Pi boots from NVMe instead of the SD card or OS.
  • This kit exclusively supports M.2 NVMe SSDs and is not compatible with M.2 SATA SSDs, M.2 PCIe AHCI SSDs, or other M.2 non-NVMe devices.
  • After discussions in the Raspberry Pi forum, it's been observed that Raspberry Pi may not boot from WD hard disks, possibly due to the Phison controller equipped with this SSD.
  • The display and power buttons are preinstalled for protection's sake, but other parts are not preinstalled by default.


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