Arducam HM01B0 Monochrome QVGA Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Pico


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Arducam HM01B0 is a camera module featuring ultra-low power consumption, up to QVGA resolution, 1-bit video data interface, and line sync. This, along with other specs make it a perfect camera for building machine vision projects and Always on Serivce applications with energy-efficient MCUs. It’s designed specifically for Raspberry Pi Pico and other third-party RP2040 dev boards.  It’s also the built-in camera of the Arducam Pico4ML.


  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • IoT


  • Ultra Low Power Image Sensor designed for Always-on vision devices and applications
  • High sensitivity 3.6μ BrightSenseTM pixel technology
  • 324 x 324 active pixel resolution with support for QVGA window, vertical flip, and horizontal mirror readout
  • <1.1mW QQVGA resolution at 30FPS, < 2mW QVGA resolution at 30FPS
  • Programmable black level calibration target, frame size, frame rate, exposure, analog gain (up to 8x), and digital gain (up to 4x)
  •  Automatic exposure and gain control loop with support for 50 / 60Hz flicker avoidance
  • Flexible 1-bit and 4-bit video data interface with video frame and line sync
  •  Motion Detection circuit with programmable ROI and detection threshold with digital output to serve as an interrupt
  • On-chip self oscillator
  • I2C 2-wire serial interface for register access
  • CSP and Bare Die sensor package option
  • High CRA for low-profile module design


Arducam HM01B0 QVGA Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Pico

Datasheet-camera module


Schematic diagram


Package Contents

  • 1 x Arducam HM01B0 camera module
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