UCTRONICS Adjustable PWM Signal Generator, DC 3.5-12V 1Hz~150KHz Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Square Wave Function Generator Module

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  • Dual-mode output: PWM output, frequency range 1Hz-150kHz, duty cycle range 0-100%, amplitude range DC 1.0V-24V; DC voltage output, DC 1.0V-24V, 3W. All the parameters are adjustable.
  • Power supply: DC 3.5-12V; Output current: 5-30mA
  • High-precision: 2% of each frequency precision range
  • Other functions: the output value can be locked to prevent misoperation; save data when power be cut suddenly; the upper and lower limits of parameters are settable; the coarse and fine output mode can be switched.
  • Application: as a wave signal generator for experimental development, motor driver controller; generating adjustable pulses for MCU, inverter, buzzer, dimming circuit, etc; as a 3W numerical control power