UCTRONICS DC Motor Speed Controller, DC 10-55V/100A, Stepless Motor Controller with Adjustable Potentiometer, Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch and LED Display for DC Brush Motor, DC Lamps/LED

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  • Regulate Range - Input voltage: DC 10-55V, Continuous current: 60A, Max current: 100A. Current modulation, NOT Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Easy to install and operate - Simple potentiometer knob adjusts the motor speed from 0% ~ 100% smoothly
  • Conveniently change the motor direction - The Forward-Brake-Reverse switch is convenient to change the direction of the motor without adjusting the order of the motor lines
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance - Aluminum shell prevents it from easily damaged, holes on its side and top and six heatsinks are helpful for heat dissipation
  • Accurate display - The LED display is accurate to show 0 ~ 100% of the motor speed.