Arducam 13MP Pi Camera 4K, 1/3 Inch IMX135 for Raspberry Pi Camera, MIPI Camera Module, Plugged into Native MIPI CSI-2 Port on Raspberry Pi

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  • Support all Raspberry Pi Models: Same interface, all-model support. Directly plugged into Raspberry Pi’s native high-speed MIPI CSI-2 port. Support Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 3/3B+/3A+, CM3/3+, Pi Zero and more. NOTE: Raspberry Pi motherboard is not included in the package
  • Higher Resolution than V2 cameras: 1/3" 13MP Sony IMX135 Pi camera module to break Raspberry Pi camera’s 8MP ceiling with a better resolution and larger sensor
  • Frame Rates: Capture video at 4192x3120/12fps, 1080p/30fps, and 720p/60fps resolutions
  • Applications: Better for Raspberry Pi camera applications where higher resolutions are needed for capturing clearer images, such as advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and multimedia applications of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
  • Disclaimer: Arducam MIPI cameras are for advanced users with a certain degree of development background. The RPI camera driver is not V4L2 compliance, and it can’t work with native Raspberry Pi camera drivers, commands, and software. You have to use Arducam SDK and examples