UCTRONICS Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico Official Starter Book (Get Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico)

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NOTE: The LCD display included in the kit is slightly different from what's been used in the book, so please refer to the wiring contained in the manual and the online code instead

Item Description

UCTRONICS Starter Kit for Get Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico.


  • Raspberry Pi Pico is not included. This kit is designed for those already have the Raspberry Pi Pico and want to follow the Official book to learn MicroPython. It includes all other components you need.
  • A high cost performance kit gets you started in learning the robotics, programming and electronics easily.
  • The decent package makes it become a smart choice of a present


User guide

Package Including

  • 1 × Solderless breadboard
  • 30 × Jumper wires: 10pcs each of male-to-female (M2F), male-to-male (M2M), and female-to-female (F2F)
  • 5 × Push-button switches
  • 12 × Colorful LEDs: 3pcs each of red, blue, yellow, and green
  • 10 × 330 Ω resistors
  • 1 × Active piezoelectric buzzer
  • 2 × 10 kΩ potentiometer
  • 1 × HC-SR501 PIR sensor
  • 1 × I2C 1602 LCD module
  • 1 × WS2812B LED strip
  • 1 × Spare header
  • 1 × Micro USB cable with switch button
  • 1 × Clear packing box


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