UCTRONICS WiFi Robot Car Kit for Kids and Teens to Build with Camera UCBOT STEM Education Electronics Smart Programmable DIY Coding Car Controlled by Android & iOS Smartphone, Arduino Compatible

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  • Multiple Features: obstacle avoidance, line tracking, following, tracking color code, playing piano and music, photos/videos shooting, wireless real-time video transmission.
  • App Controlled Robot with Camera: iOS device search mobile app “UCBOT” in APP Store; Android device search app “UCBOT” in Google Play. See what the robot sees with easy-to-use WIFI connection.
  • Batteries are not included in this item.
See what the robot sees

Make the robot smart with vision and see from UCBOT’s perspective

App Via WiFi

A versatile mobile app to interact with UCBOT in a fun and easy way


Drag and drop to visually program UCBOT or use the classic Arduino IDE

IR remote control

Handy push-and-run controlling in a simple and effective way


Decorate UCBOT with your color and let it shine with the ambient light


Turn the buzzer into a musical instrument and play it in the ap

color code

Perceive colors as turning commands to move UCBOT in different directions


Self-driving modes where UCBOT moves by following black lines

Stem education

UCBOT is a smart robot that facilitates STEM education

Learn by doing. Education with entertainment.

Use the robot to see from a fresh perspective and to explore a fresh world

  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s the STEM era. STEM provide methods for us to better explore and understand the world around us.
  • People get smart robots today for better STEM education enlightenments. You get to know the basics of robotics and computer science while tweaking and coding the robot.
  • Meet UCBOT, a compact yet powerful WIFI robot that supports blocks programming with a camera module.
  • It recognizes obstacles, black lines, and some color blocks. You can easily control it either with an app or a remote control.

Visual Programming

UCBOT supports UCTRONICS designed visual programming software. You can drag and drop to arrange the blocks so that UCBOT follows a certain algorithm you’ve designed. It makes the robot more interesting and intelligent when they complete certain tasks.


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