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UCTRONICS Adjustable PWM Signal Generator, DC 3.5-12V 1Hz~150KHz Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Square Wave Function Generator Module

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Quick Overview

  • Dual-mode output: PWM output, frequency range 1Hz-150kHz, duty cycle range 0-100%, amplitude range DC 1.0V-24V; DC voltage output, DC 1.0V-24V, 3W. All the parameters are adjustable.

  • Power supply: DC 3.5-12V; Output current: 5-30mA

  • High-precision: 2% of each frequency precision range

  • Other functions: the output value can be locked to prevent misoperation; save data when power be cut suddenly; the upper and lower limits of parameters are settable; the coarse and fine output mode can be switched.

  • Application: as a wave signal generator for experimental development, motor driver controller; generating adjustable pulses for MCU, inverter, buzzer, dimming circuit, etc; as a 3W numerical control power



UCTRONICS U6215 full function signal generator is designed to generate electrical signals in different frequencies and in square waves, and output logical levels for testing in the production practice and science and technology.


- Working voltage: DC 3.5V~12V

- Output of “OUT+”: DC 1.0V~24V, 3W, adjustable

- Output amplitude of “PWM”: DC 1.0V~24V, adjustable

- Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz in coarse mode; 1HZ~15KHZ in fine mode

- Frequency precision: 2% of each range

- Signal load capacity: output current is about 5-30mA

- Duty cycle range: 0-100%, adjustable

- Working Temperature: -20~+70℃

- Dimension: 80*44*27mm(L*W*T)

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