Arducam 2MP OV2311 Global Shutter M12 Mount NoIR Mono Camera Modules for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/AGX Orin/Orin Nano/Orin NX

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Item Description

As part of Project Jetvariety, which allows any camera modules to be connected to the high-speed CSI-2 connector on the Jetson Nano. Arducam released this 2MP OV2311 Global shutter camera module, and it can be connected directly to RPi’s CSI-2 camera interface without additional hardware.
Based on 1/2.9-inch Omnivision OV2311 image sensor which adopts OmniPixel3-GS™ technology, it provides full-frame, sub-sampled, and windowed 8/10-bit MIPI images, and is capable of operating at up to 60fps in full resolution at 2-lane MIPI bus with complete user control over image quality.
Due to the sensor's high resolution, the OV2311 offers exceptionally accurate gaze- and eye-tracking capabilities, and it achieves high near-infrared quantum efficiency to minimize active illumination power and reduce the system power requirements.

Currently, NVIDIA official has released the NVIDIA Jetson Orin series developer board. Based on it, we have also adapted Arducam Jetvariety camera into NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX kernel.

  • The lens on this camera is not interchangeable, if you need to replace the lens, please contact sales in advance!
  • Features

    • Shutter Type: Global Shutter
    • Color Type: Mono
    • Interface: MIPI
    • Format: RAW Bayer
    • Platform Support: Jetson Nano
    • Max S/N ratio: 37.4 dB
    • Dynamic range: 68 dB 


    • Sensor type: OV2311
    • Pixel size: 3 µm x 3 µm
    • Optical Size: 1/2.9"
    • Lens spec: Lens Thread: M12 x 0.5P, Field of View(FoV): 83°(H)
    • IR Sensitivity: without IR Filter, IR sensitive
    • Resolution & Frame Rate:
      RAW8/RAW10: 1600x1300@60fps, 1600x1080@80fps, 1280x720@120fps
    • Resolution&Frame Rate(NVIDIA Orin NX): 1600x1300@60fps, 1600x1080@80fps, 1280x720@120fps
    • Interface Type: 2-Lane MIPI
    • Output format: RAW8/RAW10
    • Minimum exposure time: 1 row period (11.3us at the resolution of 1600x1300 on Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano.)

    Driver Features

    • Support Gray, Y10, Y16
    • Support standard V4L2 framework, Video Nodes and Controls (Exposure, Gain and depending on camera parameters)
    • Support External Trigger Global Shutter Camera
    • Support Single Line Driver Installation Command
    • Support OpenCV Friendly and Provides Source Code Demonstration
    • Support Dual Camera Synchronization


    • DSC
    • Machine Vision
    • Robotics
    • Face Recognition


    Package Including

    • 1pcs Arducam 2MP OV2311 MIPI Camera Module
    • 1pcs 150mm 15pin 1.0mm to 22pin 0.5mm pitch FPC cable
    • Acrylic case for the camera module

    Software Links

    Arducam Jetson Nano Camera Modules


  • ★This camera is released for the official NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Kit, and it does not guarantee to support other third-party boards.

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