UCTRONICS Bluetooth 5.0 Mini Audio Receiver Board, Portable HiFi Stereo Music Pre Amplifier for Headphone, Car Amplifier, Home Sound System, DIY Speaker

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The New Version Of U622601 Bluetooth 5.0: has longer transmission distance and more stable performance in decoding and outputting audio Power Supply: DC 3.7V ~ 24V, via micro USB or extension power supply interface Audio Output: 3.5mm AUX audio output or extension 2.54mm 3P interface Volume Adjustable: turn right the adjust button to increase volume, turn left to decrease volume; press the button to play/stop the audio; Mini and Portable: 1.18"*1.73"mm, suitable for various narrow installation space.

Item Description:

UCTRONICS Bluetooth receiver board U6226 adopts the new Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 5.0, which has longer transmission distance and more stable performance. It can be used to decode the audio for headphone, speaker, home sound system, etc.

- Power Supply: DC 3.7-24V
- Power Input: Micro USB port/DC power terminal
- Audio Input: Bluetooth
- Audio Output: 3.5mm AUX socket, 2.54mm 3P audio output expansion terminal.
- Power Input: Micro USB port/DC power terminal
- Bluetooth Name: XY-WRBT
- Effective Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 15 meters/ 49.2 feet.

This module is a Bluetooth receiver board, if used for speakers, please connect an amplifier. Otherwise, there will be distortion at high volume.


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