UCTRONICS DC 12V Time Delay Relay Module for Smart Home, Tachograph, GPS, PLC Control, Industrial Control, Electronic Experiment, Arduino Robot

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  • Wide range of applications: Timing relay control module can be used in the Smart home, tachograph, GPS, PLC control, industrial control, electronic experiment, Arduino robot etc
  • The New digital display: This product is a new digital display using 12v delay module can be widely used in a variety of control switch position.
  • Capacity to control large current: DC 0-30V/10A, AC 0-250V/10A
  • High safety performance: With protection against reversal diode, better protection while wrong connection.
  • Detailed instructions & worry-free warranty

Item Description:

The DC 12V time delay relay module is versatile and adjustable. The delay time can be adjusted with potentiometer at shortest 0.1s up to 1h. User can delay time as needed, wildly used in Smart home, Tachograph, GPS, PLC control, industrial control, electronic experiment, Arduino robot etc.


  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Quiescent dissipation: 5.5mA
  • Maximum power consumption:42mA
  • Relay load capacity:
  • 250V 10A AC (2500W ideal power AC)
  • 30V 10A DC (300W ideal power DC)
  • Functions:
  • Plug on S6 ,delay turn off
  • Plug on S7, delay turn on
  • Not plug the jumper cap to S5, the relay and the load will be power supplied separately; otherwise, the relay and the the load will be power supplied at the same time.

Tips:When relay control the AC current 220V or other DC current voltage higher than VCC port, set S5 jumper off, or the high voltage will flow inversely to module and burn down the module.

Package Including:

  • 1pcs DC 12V Time Relay Module


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