UCTRONICS SSD Mounting Plate for Front-Removable 1U Rackmount, Support 1 SSD and 1 Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+, and Other B/B+ Models

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UCTRONICS SSD baseplate for Raspberry Pi cluster, which is designed to house 2.5” SSDs and Raspberry pi motherboard to get bigger Network-attached storage, perfect for game or media servers, security monitoring, or other projects expanding the functions of Raspberry Pi.

Support 1units of 2.5” SSD with a thickness of 7mm or 9mm.

Quality built a metal panel of aluminum alloy, nice and solid.



  • As optional accessories for the Front-removable RPi 1U Rackmount SKU: U6195, this mounting plate can help you expand bigger Network-attached storage for your Raspberry Pi Cluster.
  • Wide Compatibility: Supports installation of 1 Raspberry Pi and 1 ssd, compatible with any 2.5” Solid State Drive (7mm/9mm) and Rpi 4B/3B+, and other B/B+ models. It also has two holes reserved for the SD card extension adapter, which allows you to access the SD card from the front of the rack.
  • Easy to Setup: Just use two included thumbscrews to mount the rackmount, which is made of quality metal material, and the grip knob thumb screw adopts a screw-in design, which helps you install and replace quickly and easily, no tools needed!
  • Applications: This is a hardware solution to get ingenious use of the Raspberry Pi, with this kit and open source software OpenMediaVault, you can use the Pi as a NAS Server, Surveillance station, or even a Web server.
  • Quality Built: Nice and sturdy gauge of carbon steel used in its creation, matte black powder coat finish, have nothing breaking off, paint chips, sharp exposed edges (plate corners are rounded off smooth). NOTE: The SATA to USB adapters are not included, please search for SKU: U6193 to get the SATA adapter as you need.


Packing List

2 pcs SSD baseplate

8 pcs M3*5 screws for mounting SSD

4 pcs M4 thumbscrews

8 pcs M2.5*5 screws for Rpi

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