UCTRONICS Complete Ultimate Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Enclosure with PoE Functionality, Front Removable 19" 1U Rack Mount with Thumbscrews, Supports Up to 5 RPis

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Check the updated version: U6246

Product description

UCTRONICS Complete Ultimate Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Enclosure is based on our previous ultimate Pi 4B rack-mount (U6145) and has been fully upgraded considering the customers' feedback.

We designed a complete enclosure for the kit and Pis to make your rack neater artistic and provide separation and protection.

In addition, we add the mounting bracket for Raspberry Pi, which allows each RPi removable from the front without taking everything apart for maintenance.

What's more, you never need to worry about compatibility, the PoE HAT is isolated, no issue to work with mode A or mode B PoE switches. And the RPi mounting bracket supports Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+ and other B models.



  • IMPROVEMENT - Fully Complete Enclosure, provides effective separation and protection for 5 RPis, and the screen/power button wires won't get caught anymore, which also makes your rack neater artistic.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Front-Removable, the mounting bracket allows each Raspberry Pi can be individually removed from the front without removing the whole thing.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Wider Compatibility, isolated PoE HAT has no issue of working with any PoE switch, and RPi mounting bracket is designed to support both Raspberry Pi 4 B and 3 B+ models.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Thumbscrew, quality metal material, and the grip knob thumb screw adopt a screw-in design, which helps you install and replace quickly and easily, no tools needed!
  • REROUTING with PoE - It's come with mounting plates and rerouting boards with PoE function for Pi 4B, which also moves all of the I/O ports and SD card slot to the front and adds a push-button switch to control the Pi easily.
  • VISIBLE - A 0.91 inch OLED screen, the first line shows the IP address, and the second line loops through three rows: the CPU temp & usage, SD card space usage and memory usage. You can also program it to show something else.
  • QUALITY BUILT - The enclosure and RPi bracket are made of sturdy carbon steel, matte black powder coat finish, has nothing breaking off, paint chips, sharp exposed edges (plate corners are rounded off smooth).

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Display code

For Raspbian OS, please add the boot-up script to read the stats (CPU/Memory load, IP address, temperature, etc.):

1. Open the rc.local file
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

2. Add command to the rc.local file
cd /home/pi/U6143_ssd1306/C
sudo make clean
sudo make
sudo ./display &

3. Reboot your system.

We only offer the script for OLED on Raspbian when it's released. Please follow our github page https://github.com/UCTRONICS/U6143_ssd1306, we will keep online up-to-date continuously for other OSs.

Package Contents

1 x Top panel
1 x Bottom panel
5 x Raspberry Pi mounting bracket
5 x PoE HAT
5 x Power switch with cable
5 x OLED with cable (pre-assembled)
5 x SD card adapter
10 x M4 thumbscrew
20 x M2.5*18 Hex standoffs
20 x M2.5*12 countersunk screws
11 x M2.5*4 screws for enclosure
4 x M6*16 rack screw
20 x M2.5 nuts
1 x Assemble guide






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