Arducam 120fps Global Shutter Color USB Camera Board, 1MP OV9782 UVC Webcam Module with Low Distortion M12 Lens Without Microphones

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Product description

Arducam B0385 is a new member of Arducam's USB camera family. It's a 1MP, based on the 1/4" color global shutter OV9782 image sensor, UVC compliant, low distortion USB 2.0 camera.

No longer be anxious about installing the driver! The native UVC drivers of Windows, Linux, and Mac shall be compatible with this camera so that it does not require extra drivers to be installed.

The global shutter sensor's excellent low-light sensitivity makes it shoot crisp sharp and accurate complete color images even for high-speed moving objects.



  • Based on 1MP color global shutter sensor OV9782, assembled with a 70°(H) low distortion M12 lens without IR pass filter, sensitive to IR.
  • Global Shutter: Shoot high-speed moving objects in crisp sharp images. Avoid the rolling artifacts to get a much more accurate complete picture than the rolling shutter cameras. Reserved external trigger ports, support trigger via external signal.
  • Resolution: 1MP 1280H x 800V; Frame Rates: MJPG 120fps[email protected] x 800/720P/800 x 600/640 x 480/320 x 240, [email protected] x 800/800 x 600/640 x 480/320 x 240; YUY2 [email protected] x 800/1280 x 720.
  • Plug&Play: UVC-compliant, just connect the camera to PC computer, laptop, Android device or Raspberry Pi with the USB cable without extra drivers to be installed.
  • Applications: The sensor's excellent low-light sensitivity and the low distortion lens allow it to perform better in any application that needs gesture and eye tracking, iris and physiognomy recognition, depth and motion detection.



Gesture and eye-tracking

Depth and motion detection

Home video surveillance system




- Sensor: 1/4” OV9782

- Resolution: 1MP 1280 x 800

- Data Format: MJPG/YUY2

- Frame Rate: MJPG [email protected] x 800/720P/800 x 600/640 x 480/320 x 240, [email protected] x 800/800 x 600/640 x 480/320 x 240; YUY2 [email protected] x 800/1280 x 720.


- Field of View (FOV):70 degree (H)

- Lens Mount: M12

- IR Sensitivity: IR filter, sensitive to Visible Light

- Focusing Range: 3.3ft (1M) to infinity

Functionality and Compatibility

- Adjustable parameter: Exposure/ White balance

- System Compatibility: Win7/8/10, Linux, Mac, and OS with UVC driver


- Power Supply: USB powered 5V

- Working Current: MAX 200mA


- Operating Temp.: -4°F~158°F (-20°C~+70°C).

- Dimension: 38mmx38mm (Hole pitch compatible with 34mmx34mm, 28x28mm)

- Cable Length: 3.3ft (1M)



This camera module support trigger via an external signal, please refer to the Arducam Doc page to get the instruction.





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