Arducam 18MP USB Camera Evaluation Kit - CMOS AR1820HS 1/2.3−inch Color Camera with USB3 Camera Shield and MIPI Adapter Board

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To help customers evaluate the cameras or build a prototype with your own circuits without dealing with fine pin pitch flex cable or soldering balls, Arducam released the evaluation kit with camera breakout boards and Arducam USB2/USB3 camera shield without writing a single line of code.
Arducam AR1820HS camera breakout incorporates ON Semiconductor 1/2.3−inch CMOS active−pixel digital imaging sensor AR1820HS with 1.25um x 1.25um A-PixHS™ BSI Pixel . It can support 18-megapixel (4912H x 3684V) digital still images at 24 fps and a 1080p plus additional 27 percent pixels for electronic image stabilization (2448H x 1378V) in digital video mode at 60 fps and 1080p120 fps.


  • Optical format: 1/2.3−inch
  • Active pixels: 4912H x 3684V
  • Pixel size: 1.25um x 1.25um
  • Color filter array: RGB Bayer pattern
  • ADC resolution: 12−bit, on−chip
  • Responsivity: 0.62 V/lux−sec (545 nm)
  • Dynamic range: 65.8 dB
  • SNRMAX: 36.3 dB
  • Output Interface: 2-Lane MIPI
  • Frame Rate: 120 fps
  • Lens Default: low distorion M12 lens (Part Number: M27280M07S)
  • IR Sensitive: build-in 650nm IR filter, none sensitive to IR light


  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras
  • Industrial camera
  • Medical camera
  • Microscopy camera
  • UAV camera

Package Including:

  • 1 pcs Arducam CMOS AR1820HS 1/2.3−inch 18MP Color Camera Module
  • 1 pcs Arducam MIPI Adapter Board for USB3 Camera Shield
  • 1 pcs Arducam USB3 Camera Shield
  • 1 pcs USB3 Cable

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