Arducam 8MP*4 Quadrascopic Camera Bundle Kit for Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier NX, Four IMX219 Color Camera Modules and Camarray Camera HAT

  • Four in One: Combine four cameras into one frame, each camera with a resolution of 1640(H)x1232(V)
  • Wide Compatibility: Supports Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Xavier NX and more
  • Native to Raspberry Pi and Jetson: No need to install additional driver
  • More Applications: Could be used for many use-cases (e.g., stitching, 3D sensing, tracking, …)
  • We have enabled VR (Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), and other applications like SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) 
  • For NVIDIA JetsonL4t 35.x Jetpack5.x and above versions , you will need the latest CamArray Kit firmware (no earlier than the 2023.02.03 version) to access it.(otherwise you can only use them on previous JetPack versions).


This Arducam quadrascopic camera bundle incorporates four 8MP IMX219 cameras, and the cutting-edge MIPI stereo camera breakthrough from Arducam – The Arducam Camarray HAT.

As the upgraded version of Arducam Synched Stereo Camera HAT, the Camarray further pushes the multi-camera limits and doubles the interfacing capabilities to allow 4 synchronized MIPI camera modules to be interfaced to a single MIPI CSI-2 slot on prevailing single-board computers like Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and Jetson Xavier NX.



  • Designed for Raspberry Pi Camera: This Quad- Camera kit allows you to connect four 8MP IMX219 raspberry pi cameras to a single standard pi board and capture images or video at the same time.
  • Four in One: Combine four cameras into one frame, each with a resolution of 1/4(820(H)x616(V)); the maximum output you can get: 3280 x 2464 for still images and 1920x1080 for video. Please note the frame rate for video and still images will drop to half the frame rate you would normally get with a single camera
  • Wide compatibility: It is compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi camera software (libcamera) and uses the official Pi camera tuning algorithm. It also supports multi-platform multi-camera solutions such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, and many more.
  • Applications: Multiple camera processing technologies have enabled VR (Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), and other applications like SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Synchronized video streams with Raspberry Pi could be used for many use-cases (e.g., stitching, 3D sensing, tracking, …) before investing in an expensive video multiplexer hardware.



Support Platform Raspberry Pi/Nvidia Jetson
Output/CSI-2 Speed x1 CSI-2 2-lane Output Port/1.0 Gbps/Lane
Output Format RAW8/RAW10
ISP Support Supported on Raspberry Pi
External Trigger Not Support
Aggregate mode 1/4 Spelling Combine
Frame Rate(On Raspberry Pi)



Frame Rate(On NVIDIA Jetson)* L4t 32.x: [email protected], 1080p@15, 720p@30fps
L4t 35.x:
3280×[email protected],
Image Sensor Sony IMX219
Pixel Size 1.12 μm x 1.12 μm
Active Array Size 3280 x 2464
Optical Format 1/4”
Camera Interface 2-lane MIPI CSI-2
IR Sensitive Integral IR Cut filter, Visible Light Only
Camera Board Size 24mm x 25mm
Camarray Hat Size 65mm x 55 mm
Default Lens Mount Stock Lens
Effective Focal Length 3.04mm
FOV on 1/4” RPi Camera 62.2° (H), 48.8(V)

*: JetPack4.6/L4T32.6.1 on NVIDIA Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

Package Including

  • 4 × IMX219 Camera Module
  • 1 × Arducam Camarray HAT
  • 4 × 15cm 22-22pin Camera FPC Cable
  • 1 × 30cm 15-22pin Camera FPC Cable
  • 1 × 30cm 22-22pin Camera FPC Cable
  • 1 × 7cm 15-22pin Camera FPC Cable
  • 1 × Screw Pack



  • The package does not include any Raspberry Pi motherboard.
  • The drop-in replacement module does not include FPC cables and any camera boards. And it requires the use of the Raspberry Pi V2 camera board to function properly.
  • The lenses of all camera modules are not interchangeable. Please contact sales in advance if you need to replace them.
Note for Supported Platform and OS
Platform Bookworm(rpicam) Bullseye(libcamera) Buster(raspistill)
Raspberry Pi 5    
Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3A+ / Zero / Zero 2 W  
Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3+ / CM4
(extra carrier board required)


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