Arducam Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi Camera, Up to 15-Meter Extension, Compatible with Raspberry Pi Camera V1/V2/HQ, and 16MP/64MP/ToF Camera Module

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Up to 15 meter extension


Arducam Raspberry Pi Camera Cable Extension Kit

This extension cable is a kit for the Raspberry Pi that replaces the CSI cable (Camera Serial Interface) with a LAN/Ethernet cable. This allows you to significantly increase the length of cable available and place the camera module up to 15 meters away from the Raspberry Pi. The kit is divided into two parts: the Transmitter Board (Tx board) which is connected to your Raspberry Pi camera module/HQ camera; and the Receiver Board (Rx) which is connected to the Raspberry Pi via the GPIO row of pins.



  • Designed for Raspberry Pi: This extension cable kit is designed for Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi cameras. The purpose is to keep your camera long away from the Raspberry Pi. This way you can get clear and delay-free images no matter where you put your Raspberry Pi.
  • Extend up to 15 meters: With just one LAN/Ethernet cable, you can place the camera module up to 15 meters away from the Raspberry Pi.
  • Easy to plug and play: Setup is hassle-free and plug&play. There is no need to install any additional software or scripts. Please note that updated drivers are required if working with Arducam IMX519 16MP AF camera (SKU: B0371).
  • Supported cameras: Raspberry Pi Camera V1, Raspberry Pi Camera V2, Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) Camera, and Arducam 16MP autofocus camera. It can work with the synchronized quad-camera kit (SKU: B0388) for a 15-meter connection too.
  • Package includes: The kit includes two boards (Rx and Tx board), a 1-meter LAN cable, two 8cm ribbon flex cables for MIPI CSI-2 Transmission and mounting screws.



Assembly instructions:

  • Plug the Rx board into the Raspberry Pi board;
  • Plug the Tx board into the Raspberry Pi camera;
  • Connect the Rx and Tx boards with a network cable.


Package Contents:

1 × The Rx board

1 × Tx board,

1 × 1-meter LAN cable

2 × 8cm ribbon flex cables for MIPI CSI-2 Transmission,

1 × mounting screws.



User Guide

3D Drawing

Arducam Camera Extension Solution

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