1.58MP IMX296 Color Global Shutter Camera Module with M12 Lens for Raspberry Pi

  • Global Shutter: Based on 1.58MP IMX296 Color Global Shutter image sensor.
  • Replaceable M12 Lens: Equipped with a 45°(HFOV) M12 Lens. With 13mm Lens Holder.
  • Manual Focus: Especially suitable for special photographic conditions such as low light and macro, etc.
  • Supports Raspberry Pi 3, 4 A/B, equipped with 15-22pin FPC flexible cable.
  • Cost-effective: Second-to-none choice for given image and cost. High Performance with low consumption.


This camera is based on SONY IMX296 Color Global Shutter image sensor. Global shutter technology allows you to reduce or eliminate unwanted image artifacts, which occur with traditional rolling shutter image sensors as a result of motion during image capture.
The camera is equipped with a 45°(HFOV) M12 Lens. A manual focus M12 camera allows you to apply it in situations such as macro photographs, low light conditions, etc. Meanwhile, this camera is native to Raspberry Pi and fully supported by libcamera and Picamera2 library.
Arducam is committed to creating diverse and convenient camera solutions for embedded camera users. We are not only engaged in the production and development of optical products, but also strive to provide complete solutions for Embedded cameras, Evaluation kit, Optical components, etc.


  • Home Security System
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Unattended surveillance
  • Industrial Vision/Machine Vision
  • Automation, AI Project, etc.


  • Global Shutter: Based on SONY IMX296 Color Global Shutter Image Sensor. The sensor is a CMOS active pixel type solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array and 1.58 M effective pixels.
  • M12 Lens: Armed with a 45° (HFOV) M12 Lens. Integrated with a M12 Lens Mount, of which Length Holder Height is 13mm.
  • Manual Focus: Manual Focus cameras are always more suitable in some special conditions. For example, in low-light and macro photography environments, manual focus can obtain a complete overall contrast of pictures, thereby improving image quality and focus accuracy.
  • Raspberry Pi Native: Native to Raspberry Pi. No additional camera driver is needed. Support Raspberry Pi Bullseye OS and libcamera command/PiCamera2 Library.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 4 A/B, equipped with 15-22pin FPC flexible cable. Support used on Raspberry Pi Zero (22-pin FFC flexible cable not included in the package).


Image Sensor IMx296
Resolution 1.58MP
Optical Size 1/2.9''(6.3mm sensor diagonal)
Number of effective pixels 1440(H) × 1080(V)
Pixel Size 3.45μm × 3.45μm
Support Platform Raspberry Pi 4/3/Zero/CM3/CM4
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Color Filter Array Quad-Bayer RGB
Frame Rate RAW10:1440x1080@60fps
Output Format RAW10
F.NO F2.0
Focus Type Manual Focus
Focal Length 6mm
Lens Size M12 Lens(M2506ZH04)
Field of View(FOV) 55°(D)x45°(H)x33°(V)
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Camera Board Size 38 × 38mm

Package Including

  • 1 x Arducam 1.58MP IMX296 Global Shutter camera module with M12 Lens
  • 1 x 150mm 15pin-22pin FPC Cable


  • The package contains small contents, please keep it away from children to avoid accidental ingestion
  • After receiving the package, please confirm whether the contents of the package are consistent with the description
  • No Raspberry Pi board is included in the package
  • This camera is natively supported by Raspberry Pi, you don't need an additional driver to run it, but you will need some configuration, please refer to the following doc.


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