Arducam is a renowned manufacturer in the maker community for offering good camera modules for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. As one of the top-level distributors, UCTRONICS has always been in the frontline to distribute Arducam products. Recently they’ve released a whole new product IMX219 series for Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano, and this growing market just got more interesting choices for the customers.


So what’s special about them? The official Raspberry Pi camera module v2 has almost everything fixed, whether it’s the sensor or the lens, so you are stuck with what’s from the factory. Arducam offers a variety of sensor+lens modules to replace the original sensor module for more flexibilities now that you can put an M12 lens on it while keeping the same board. If you think the current sensor module is fine and just want to detach it from the camera board, Arducam has also developed a sensor extension cable for the “Sunny” connector, and you can put the camera through smaller holes or anywhere you like, and it can serve as a spy camera.


The Jetson Nano, however, offers more flexibilities to camera solutions and Arducam has developed their own camera board in the same form factor but with features. On top of what’s available on the Raspberry Pi cameras, the module for Jetson Nano can support programmable focus, and you can use autofocus with the help of OpenCV


You can check more about those new arrivals on this page.