Recently we have added some new optical electronic products: microscope and endoscope. Unlike our other specialty products, they are easy to operate and have a wide range of uses.



Why did we decide to offer this microscope? We have another type of microscope, but it's a bit heavy.

As a portable digital magnifier, this microscope U6207 is easy to use with a computer or OTG-enabled Android. More importantly, the wider focus rang and the greater magnification make it help children and amateurs to explore tiny objects better. It can also take HD photos and record videos.


We especially recommend the microscope for children. The microscope is not a professional device, 1280*720 pixels and 10X to 200X magnification ratio, but totally meets kids’ requirements. Children are always full of curiosity about the micro world. With this microscope, they can observe the mosquitoes, leaves, skin and other objects anytime and anywhere. 


Please don't worry about the operation, the manual is attached to the package, and there is an introduction video. 



We have added three models of endoscopes, a USB endoscope and two WiFi endoscopes. Because they can see into the places you can’t touch or see.

2 megapixel CMOS gives you high-quality images and videos. The resolution can also be changed in Settings. The waterproof cable and built-in 6 LEDs make the endoscope can be used in multiple environments smoothly. Besides, the cable is semi-rigid, so as to keep any shape as you needed.

The endoscope is also equipped with four accessories attached, a side-view mirror, a small hook, a magnet and a cap. The side-view mirror can help you see more details. The hook and magnet can get small things or metal stuff out from narrow space. The cap can protect the camera during normal use.

The USB endoscope U6209 is with 16.4ft cable. Because of the 3-in-1 plugs, it can be easily operated by plugging directly into a smartphone or computer, available for Windows, OS and Android 4.4+ operating system.

The difference between the two models of WiFi endoscopes is the cable length. The WiFi endoscope U6210 is 16.4ft, while the U6211 is 32.8ft. Because we believe that longer cables may be required in certain usage scenarios, such as observing animals, maintaining deep pipes, inspecting large workpiece, and so on.

Whether it's a smartphone or a tablet, the endoscope can be connected via WiFi. Also, it can be connected to your PC via the attached USB adapter.

We also took the endoscope introduction video. 


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