[Discontinued] Arducam Pan Tilt Camera for Raspberry Pi, 2 DOF Platform with 5MP 1080P Camera Board with PTZ Control Board



B0033PT is a new member of PTZ family, which can move your camera in two dimensions with 180 degrees horizontal and 145 degrees vertical movements. The PTZ camera controller board outputs the PWM signals to drive the servo motors directly. Therefore, B0033PT can be used to monitor places that should be covered by multiple ones commonly in the surveillance system.


  • IoT cameras
  • Robot cameras
  • Wildlife cameras
  • Other security and surveillance projects
  • 5MP Camera: Based on 5MP 1080P OV5647 Image Sensor
  • Pan Tilt Kit – Free panning and tilting in a smaller PT bracket
  • Specifically designed for a broader view on Raspberry Pi camera projects.
  • Mini Digital servos: Two GH-S37D digital servos for a faster speed, higher torque and better holding capability (than analog servos.)


Image Sensor Ominivision OV5647
Optical Size 1/4''
Resolution 5MP
Active Pixels 2592x1944
Frame Rates 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60fps, 480p 90fps
Lens Type Stock Lens
Field of View(FOV) 54°(H), 41°(V)
Focus Type Front group: focus Back group: Zoom
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut filter, visible light only
Torque 0.6 kg/cm at 3.6V, 0.8 kg/cm at 4.8V
Operating Speed 0.13sec/60° at 3.6V, 0.09sec/60° at 4.8V
Operating Voltage 3.6v/5v
Dead Band 3 usec
Operating Current <350mA
Focus Range(Near => Far) 3009 steps 0.0047mm/step
PWM Driver PCA9685
PWM Resolution 12-bit
Ambient light sensor TSL2581FN
Ambient light resolution 16-bit
Communication interface I2C
Control Board Size 25mm x 61mm
Camera Board Size 25mm x 24mm
Digital Servo Size 20mm x 8.75mm x 22mm

Packing Including

  • 1 x 5MP camera for Raspberry Pi with a 15cm camera cable for Raspberry Pi
  • 1 x 15 pin to 22 pin camera cable for Pi Zero&W
  • 2 x Digital servos
  • 1 set epoxy bracket pieces with screws
  • 1 x PWM control board
  • 4 x Female to female jumper wires (The wire has no fixed color)
  • 2 x Male to female jumper wires (The wire has no fixed color)



The following video showcases installation and some simple use cases of the Pan Tile Camera Kit

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