Arducam HM0360 VGA Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Pico


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Arducam HM0360 is a low-cost camera module built specifically for Raspberry Pi Pico and all available RP2040 dev boards.

The HM0360 uses Himax Imaging’s advanced 3.6µ deep diode pixel and proprietary readout design to achieve superior low light performance while consuming only 140µA in QVGA 2FPS and approximately 7mA in VGA 60 frames per second read out mode.

To reduce camera system latency and power consumption, the HM0360 features an on-chip self-oscillator, real-time clock, fast initialization, <2ms frame trigger, context switching, and instant frame update. The sensor provides several monitoring options with programmable interrupt thereby allowing the host processor to be placed in low power standby until notified by the sensor.

  • Based on Himax HM0360-MWA.
  • 640x480, Monochrome, up to VGA @ 60FPS max.
  • Designed for Always-on Service Applications.
  • Configurable 1-bit video data serial interface with video frame and line sync.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, standby < 140uW, VGA < 19.6mW.
  • Motion detection wakeup interrupts output.


  • Ultra-Low Power, high sensitivity, low noise VGA sensor.
  • Operates 7.8mA VGA 60 FPS down to 240µA in monitor mode.
  • Automatic wake and sleep operation with programmable event interrupt to wake host processor.
  • On-chip high precision oscillator, auto exposure/gain, ambient light sensor, and zone detection.
  • Metered exposure provides well-exposed first frame and after extended sleep (blanking) period.
  • External frame synch and stereo camera support.
  • Flexible binning, subsampling, and region of interest.
  • The embedded line provides metadata frame, AE statistics, zone trigger, and other interrupt event information.
  • On-chip high precision oscillator and LDO.
  • 1-lane MIPI CSI2 and 8-bit parallel/serial data format that supports 1-bit, 4-bit, and 8-bit protocol.
  • I2C 2-wire serial interface supporting burst operation for fast register access.
  • < 13 mm2 CSP sensor package option.
  • High CRA for low profile module design.


  • Active Pixel Array: 656 x 496
  • Pixel Size / Technology: 3.6 µm x 3.6 µm / BSI
  • Diagonal (Optical Format): 2.88 mm (1/6″)
  • Color Filter Array: Bayer, Monochrome
  • Frame Rate @ 24MHz: QQVGA 1FPS to VGA 60FPS
  • Readout Modes: Full (VGA), Bin2 (Mono) / Sub2, Bin4 (Mono) / Sub4, Fast ROI
  • S/N Ratiomax: 45.5dB
  • Dynamic Range (1x): 85dB
  • Sensitivity: 5.5 V / Lux-sec @ 530nm, 15 V / (uW-cm-2 sec) @ 850nm
  • CRA (maximum): 35.74º
  • Supply Voltage: Analog 2.8V, Digital 1.2V (1.8V LDO option), I/O 1.8 – 3.0V.
  • Reference Clock (EXTCLK): 6 – 24 MHz
  • Internal Oscillator: Yes
  • Serial Interface: I²C (1MHz max., single/burst)
  • Current Consumption (8b parallel, >5pF load): QVGA (S2) 2FPS 140 µA, QVGA 60FPS 3.2 mA,
  • VGA 60FPS 7 mA

Sensor Schematics

Package including

  • 1 x Arducam HM0360 camera module



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