Arducam High Quality Camera for Raspberry Pi, 12.3MP 1/2.3 Inch IMX477 HQ Camera Module with 6mm CS Lens for Pi 4B, 3B+, 2B, 3A+, Pi Zero and more

  • Clearer Images: Up to 12.3MP, max still resolution 4056(H) x 3040(V).
  • Less Hassle: Including 1/2.3″ 6mm focal length CS lens and the 3D file.
  • Refer to B0241 to get the camera bundle with the metal enclosure.
  • For Nvidia Jetson Nano and Xavier NX, refer to B0249 / B0250
  • For PC /laptop, you could purchase the HQ UVC camera module B0280 (with 6mm CS Mount Lens) or B0288 (with Varifocal C Mount Lens) directly.


The official Pi HQ camera is only available in one model. It doesn't come with a lens and it is also not easy for the users to find a case. To solve these pain points, Arducam released this camera module, a customized IMX477 camera board with three-hole pitches and a 6mm CS lens. And you can download our 3D files to print your case as you like. This camera module supports all Raspberry Pi and PC/laptops (needing IMX477 UVC adapter board B0278 not included).


  • DSLR Camera Control
  • Remote Viewing Camera
  • Time-lapse Machine
  • Security System
  • Smart Video Doorbell
  • Face Recognition
  • Instant (Polaroid-Style) Camera, etc.


Image Sensor Sony 12.3MP IMX477
Optical Size 1/2.3″ (diagonal 7.857mm)
Resolution 12.3MP
Active Pixels 4056(H) x 3040(V)
Pixel Size 1.55um x 1.55um
Frame Rates [email protected], [email protected] and 640×[email protected]/90fps
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Interface 2-lane MIPI CSI-2
Default Lens Mount CS-Mount
Lens Type CS Lens
Focal Length 6mm
F.NO 1.2
MOD 0.2
Back Focal Length 7.53mm
Lens Dimension Φ30×31mm
Focus Type Manual Focus
Field of View(FOV) 65°(H)
IR Sensitivity Integral 650nm IR fliter, visible light only
Peaking Current 300mA
Camera Board Size 38mm x 38mm x 18.4mm(Lens Included)

Package Including

  • 1 x 12.3MP IMX477 color camera module
  • 1 x 6mm focal length CS-mount camera lens
  • 1 x 80mm/3.15inch 22pin camera cable for pi Zero&W
  • 1 x 150mm/6inch 15pin to 22pin camera cable for pi A&B series


  • Raspberry Pi board is not included in the package
  • Our IMX477 camera module support 4-lane in hardware, but the 4-lane camera driver requires extra customization. Here is why:
    1. Standard Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano/Xavier NX can’t physically support a 4-lane connection (both of them only have 2-lane CSI connectors). Only the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and some 3rd party Jetson Carrier Boards come with 4-lane hardware support. Therefore, it’s not a general need.

    2. Extra works, specifically camera drivers, are required for a 4-lane connection other than the 4-lane physical connector. And the drivers are limited by the performances of the platform itself. For example, 4-lane can’t unlock 4k video on Raspberry Pi because the VideoCore does not currently support it. Jetson Nano is also to some extent limited because of the encoding capabilities. You need to make sure you really need it.

  • This camera module supports the latest Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye (Jan 28th, 2022 and later) and libcamera apps, for the previous Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) users, contact us at [email protected]


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