Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module with 15pin 60mm FPC Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera V3/V1/V2/HQ (Pack of 2, 1 Set)


Natively Supported: Raspberry Pi Camera V3, V2, V1, HQ.

Highly Compatible: Compatible with all Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/2B/A&B

Software: Ready for the latest Raspberry Pi OS and camera software (libcamera).

Headphone Jack: Reserved extra Pins for GPIO extension.

Zero Configuration: Easy to set up, plug-n-play out of the box.

Item Description

The CSI-HDMI adapter board is designed for Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3/V1/V2/HQ,  to extend the camera over the long cables while keeping the high-speed CSI signals away from noise and interference.

By using high speed HDMI cable, the camera can run up to 3~5 meters, that high extend the usage of the Raspberry pi cameras.

In addition to extend the camera signal, the adapter board provides another 3 signals to be extend with the camera signals together via the headphone jack connector.

It can be used to extend standard audio signals, GPIO signals or other sensor signals according to users need.

If you need a longer and stronger cable with solid connections, it is right thing for you.



  • Supported NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi 4B, Pi 3B+, Pi 3B, Pi 2, Model A/B/B+, Pi Zero

  • Supported for Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3(12MP IMX708), Raspberry Pi HQ Camera (12MP IMX477), Raspberry Pi camera V1 (5MP OV5647) and raspberry pi camera V2 (8MP IMX219)

  • No extra software/configuration is needed.

  • HDMI cables can be up to 3~5 meters.

  • Reserved microphone and headphone jack for audio or GPIO signals

  • Three additional solder pads are available (same signals as headphone jack)

  • Size:27.63 x 25.00mm




  • Please be sure to use a high-quality HDMI cable, which allows the camera to run 3-5 meters, greatly extending the usage of the Pi camera.

Note on Supported Raspberry Pi Boards and OS
Platform Bookworm(rpicam) Bullseye(libcamera) Buster(raspistill)
Raspberry Pi 5    
Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3A+ / Zero / Zero 2 W
Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3+ / CM4
(extra carrier board required)

Package Including

2pcs Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module

2pcs 60mm 15pin FPC cable

2pcs 73mm 15-22pin FPC cable

4sets M2 screw

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