Arducam CMOS MT9N001 1/2.3-Inch 9MP Color Camera Module

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The MT9N001 camera module features DigitalClarity—Micron’s breakthrough low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves near-CCD image quality (based on signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity) while maintaining the inherent size, cost, and integration advantages of CMOS.


Please note that camera module only can be used together with Arducam USB shield.


    • 1/2.3" optical format
    • RGB Bayer pattern
    • 9MP 3488 x 2616 MT9N001 sensor
    • 1.75 x 1.75 um Pixel size
    • 9.7fps at full resolution
    • 0.44V/lux-sec responsivity 
    • 62.7dB dynamic range
    • single 3.3V power input
    • Parallel camera interface
    • Default M12 mount 4.2mm LS-18023 lens


    • Digital video cameras
    • Digital still cameras
    • Industrial camera
    • Medical camera
    • Microscopy camera
    • UAV camera

Package Including

  • 1pcs Arducam CMOS MT9N001 1/2.3-Inch 9MP Color Camera Module

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