[Discontinued] Arducam 13MP Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Camera for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3, IR-Cut Switchable Camera with Metal Base and 2 Digital Servos



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Item Description

PTZ is an abbreviation for pan, tilt, and zoom and reflects the movement options of the camera, and a pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control, so it could move the camera and the lens, and that means a single camera can be used to monitor places that should be covered by multiple ones. You can save a lot of cost and time in purchasing and deploying the camera. What's more, this kit is based on the IR-CUT switchable 13MP camera to get sharp imaging all day and night.


- Camera

Sensor: 13MP AR1335

Pixel Size: 1.1um x 1.1um

Resolution: 4160×3120

Optical Size: 1/3″

Frame Rate: [email protected]×3120, [email protected]×2448/3840×2160, [email protected]×1440, [email protected]×1200/1920×1080/640×480/320×240

IR sensitivity: Optional with additional Motorized IR-Cut filter

Focus: Front group - focus, Back group - Zoom

Field of View: 91° - 25° (Horizontal)

- PTZ Base

Material: Full metal, aluminum alloy

Shipping Weight: 480g (1.06lb)

Overall Size: 12cm*12cm*13cm(L*W*H)

Package Includes:

1pcs Arducam PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Lens for Raspberry Pi, assembled with a 13MP IR-CUT switchable camera board and camera control board.

1pcs pre-assembled metal base with 2 digital servos

1pcs 15-Pin FPC Cable (11.8 in/30 cm)

1pcs XH2.54 Jumper wire with 6Pin Female Connector (11.8 in/30 cm)

4pcs copper standoffs for the base


This cost-effective and flexible PTZ camera performs better in Day&night vision security camera system, motion detection, wildlife photography and other machine vision projects.


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13MP PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera Module for Raspberry Pi & Jetson Nano/NX (UP to 4K & Night Vision)






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