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Our Company

Established in 2009, UCTronics aims to provide high-quality and cost-efficient electronic products to valuable customers..  

UCTronics supplies electronic development tools, components etc. for retail and wholesale.

UCTronics is also engaged in research and development of communication application Multimedia application, development tools. UCTronics provides turnkey solution including electronic design , components sourcing, PCB design, manufacture and PCB Assemble service.


Products & Businesses

UCTronics is able to provide our customers with the following businesses. 

1.  Communication Application

There’re wireless , Ethernet , optical Fiber transfer, interface protection modules. These products can be widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, industrial control system.  

2.      Multimedia

UCTronics can provide solution and products for HD Video Matrix , Video monitor and tracking system ,Customized Camera Module and TFT LCD Driver.

3.     Development Tool

UCTronics provides kinds of development tools including FPGA, DSP, ARM,MCU development tools.

4.     ODM/OEM(Turnkey solution)

UCTronics provides turnkey solution for prototype verification and small to middle scale production.  

Our capabilities range from proto-type to large volume production runs using semi-automated and fully automated surface mount and through hole assembly equipment. This allows UCTronics to meet the low volume needs of small manufacturers and the high volume needs of our larger customers.

UCTronics’ turnkey capabilities offer greater flexibility and savings to customers as we handle the sourcing of components, localization of purchases, materials handling and planning. Therefore the customer enjoys a smooth manufacturing experience with minimal overhead and infrastructure costs.

Another important advantage to using UCTronics Turnkey Solutions is that we have supply partners that allow us to procure your parts at competitive prices and we pass those savings on to you.